Actividades Entre Pares 2010


Año 2010 :Completaron el programa 61 alumnos que desarrollaron actividades en 11 escuelas rionegrinas llegando con 77 talleres a 477 adolescentes entre 11 a 15 años de edad.

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Más info del programa :

Cable a Tierra- Workshops among peers- A new and collaborative experience in dealing with Adolescence Integral Health.
A non-formal and collaborative program is initiated bearing in mind the need to tackle subjects related to Adolescents’ Integral Health outside schools or educational institutions, by means of a group of teenagers who named themselves “Los Cable a Tierra” in “Workshops among peers”. 

A relation model is proposed, based on knowledge, thought and respect within collaborative surroundings, which by means of a dynamic and participative process will supply them with the proper tools for analysis and criticism. Teenagers are encouraged to think, discuss and get information about their sexuality and the risks and consequences of the misuse of both drugs and alcohol thus promoting an adequate psychosocial development which will enable them to solve the main problems of their age in a thoughtful way.

Cable a Tierra choose preventive material which will be used in the workshops given to 7th, 8th and 9th year students once the initial identification profile of the teenagers has been done ( the aim is to know, understand and act, by means of a training process and analysis of reality using as a starting point games and videos created by Cable a Tierra).

On looking into the way we worked and by observing and adapting our program and activities, we realized that many teachers did not help or take part in the activities carried out by Cable a Tierra in the workshops due to prejudice or a lack of knowledge. In order for more youths to join in, a training course for teachers was established  with a professional interdisciplinary team sponsored by the Ministries of Education of Río Negro and Chubut Provinces. The program “Educate to Prevent” used an integral model based on the promotion of health,  training agents in schools who will collaborate in the training of the teenagers in a participative and active way. 

Teenagers are taught discipline and qualities which will probably last a lifetime. The above mentioned activities were an eye opener for the youngsters who carried out the workshops (Cable a Tierra) and the whole community.

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